Monday, October 12, 2015

Exam Dossiers -- Deadline: Friday, December 4

If you choose to take a university exam on this course, please send me your dossier -- a short description of two themes you'd like to write an essay on and a reading list of 8-10 items that will allow you to deepen your knowledge of those themes -- by the end of week 12: Friday, December 4.

If you are opting for a written exam, you will get back from me two questions and you will choose one.

If you are opting for an oral exam, you will not have a choice but will instead be presented with one topic to discuss on the day of the exam.

Remember: You don't have to take an exam on this course. You may decide instead to validate it simply by doing the course assignments and getting a final grade. This is your choice. If you do choose to do the exam and this happens to be your first semester in the M.A. program, then you're on the 2015 plan d'├ętudes and don't have to do the course work. (i.e. You do the exam instead of the course assignments.) If you choose to do the exam and this is not your first semester in the M.A. program then you're on the old plan d'├ętudes and have to do all coursework as well as the exam.